Since 2007, we have successfully built up a wide range of extremely satisfied clients, but don’t take our word for it! Please see our client testimonials below.

  • Holland Casinos

    I have worked many times in different positions across the world with Minze. I was first impressed by Minze’s work when I was Director of Holland Casino where Minze proved himself to be an experienced professional with a special intuitive way of dealing with the games, players and staff!

    Ben van Vliet, Director of Holland Casinos

  • Without doubt, the contribution of Spectrum played a major role in us meeting the very tight times to introduce this Bill, therefore accept my sincere thanks to you and your team for all of your assistance.

    Francis Richardson, Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport

  • I loved your masterclass! I heard very good things, especially about the branding section. I have experience in casino marketing, but your expectations lighted up mine and my classmates  minds with great ideas. The hardest part of training and teaching others is explaining something to the audience as simple as possible! And you did it. I talked amongst my classmates a lot, and we all felt we learnt a lot off you and it was great to meet and hang out with each other too! So congratulations!

    Karoly Beres, Royale Palms Casinos

  • "Lucien spent a lot of time learning the specifics of our casino and understanding how he could tailor his training to help us. The resulting custom-made training was fantastic!"

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    Thy Prak, Saskatchewen Indian Gaming Authority

    Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
  • Casinos Austria

    "We co-created the course content directly with Lucien and our staff to ensure the training focused on exactly what we needed. The training worked and all the feedback showed what a fantastic trainer they believed Lucien was, as well as how much they had learnt over the course."

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    Gernot, Casinos Austria

  • "We consider the Totally Gaming Academy In-House course to have been a great success for us - bottom line is it worked!"

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    Bob Arnett, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

    Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission
  • Boyle Sports Logo

    "I've worked with Jonathan for over 25 years and can personally vouch for his ability to develop the direct and supporting functions in the sports betting business."

    John Wright, Boyle Sports

  • "Jonathan manages to deliver complex subjects into understandable concepts in a clear, pragmatic and very entertaining style. Jonathan’s training improves knowledge at every single level of the business, from C-level to new recruits."

    Simon Trim, Sporting Solutions

    Sporting Solutions Logo
  • Fair Play Casino Logo

    "Excellent training for everyone starting in this business and good training for those who want to stay up to date in our dynamic and fantastic business."

    Fair Play

  • "A fun and educational course on how to leave the success of your slot machines less up to chance, and utilise them more to achieve long term success."

    Better Collective

    Better Collective Logo
  • DRGT Logo

    "From what I had heard about the Slot Academy I came with high expectations, which Lucien was able to even top with his fun and interesting way of presenting - great course!"


  • "The training was excellent and well worth any casino operator’s time. Theoretical concepts were explained with great practical examples."

    Slots Antigua

  • ORI Entertainment Logo

    "The best investment I have made in the past several years"

    ORI Entertainment

  • "Educative, skilled and confidence building"

    Lucky Spin

    Lucky Spin Logo
  • "I felt educated! Like I had read 3 or 4 new books about casinos!"

    Olympic Casino

  • "Great fun, great people, great course!"

    Bally Technologies

    Bally Technologies Logo
  • Ainsworth Logo

    "Great networking and great content!"


  • "Very intense, gives one a different perspective but definitely a learning experience!"

    Leisure Resorts World Corporation

  • Reelsoft Logo

    "Interesting learnings and a nice networking event."

    Jan Wierenga, Reelsoft