Totally Gaming Summit

Combining globally renowned speakers, the latest gaming floor trends, real world case studies and cutting edge game technologies, the Totally Gaming Summit is a 3-day, future-focused networking and learning experience. Immerse yourself in the world of the gaming floor ensuring you have all the tools and information you need to plan, invest and implement real world solutions with maximum effectiveness.

Course Benefits

• Learn the latest trends to ensure your business is maximising opportunity and minimising risk

• Spend quality time with people who have insight into the latest technologies and innovations your business can benefit from in the future

• Get first hand support, ideas and solutions to your problems from international and national peers

• Get ahead in your budgeting and investing process by identifying the gaming floor choices you’ll need to make

• The gaming floor is more than just machines. Learn about the other sensory buttons you need to press and what works for different customers 

• Save time and money by learning what works (and doesn’t) from your peers